Invest In Rental Properties for As Little As $100

Property Holders

Own Shares In Properties Around The World Through NFTs

Property Holders will be a part of Silver Stonks metaverse, Silverback City

What Is Property Holders?

The Property Holders Platform is an NFT crowdinvesting marketplace for real estate

Property Holders allows you to invest in fractions of properties around the world. Owning NFTs to a property will give you the right to earn passive income based on your percentage of ownership without the hassle of landlordship. Own a Troop from Silverback City to get exclusive benefits on Property Holders.

How It Works



Browse Investment

View all financial information, inspection reports, and more. All property documentation is open to the public.


Start Receiving
Income Payments

Receive the rents to the properties you invest in according to the percentage of NFTs you own in each property.


Purchase Pieces of Real Estate As NFTs

Own pieces of properties around the world through NFTs.


Earn Appreciation or Sell Anytime

You can sell your NFTs at any moment, with no lock-up periods. 


The Best Way to Invest In Real Estate

Global Investments

Invest in pieces of real estate throughout the world through NFTs.

Rental Income

Earn rental income for each property you invest in.

Sell Anytime

There are no lock-up periods and NFTs can be transferred or sold anytime.

Low Capital Requirements

Lower capital requirements are allow investors to diversify their real estate portfolio.


Enjoy more control over their capital than traditional crowdfunding sites. Users can determine how much they want to invest, & can review available options & choose the specific deals.

Property Appreciation

NFTs appreciate in value as the property appreciates. Upon selling a property, investors receive a payout according to the percentage owned for all equity investments.


You can spread your investment across several projects throughout different locations & property types. This can help manage risk & shockproof property portfolios.

Hassle Free

Investors do not have to actively manage the property, saving time & headaches.

The Future of Real Estate Investment

Property Holders divides each property into several NFTs to offer more accessible real estate investments. Our marketplace allows users to purchase fractions of properties that entitles investors to the rent the property produces. 

Why NFTs?

Global Real Estate Access

NFT real estate allows people to invest in properties around the world and simplifies the process to markets they would otherwise not have access to.

Fractionable Ownership

NFTs make fractional real estate ownership easy. Dividing properties into pieces allows investors to diversify their portfolio and removes high upfront capital costs. Users on Property Holders can invest in property for as little as $100 per NFT.


Easily sell or transfer your NFT to give ownership rights to the next investor on our secondary merket, without any lock-up periods.


Everything is visible on blockchain. Property ownership through NFTs eliminates fraud and unnecessary fees from third parties.


Investors can easily see NFTs issued by Property Holders to guarantee its legitimacy and property rights.

VIP Membership

Own A Troop From Silverback City
For More Rewards In Property Holders

Property Holders will be a part of the Silver Stonks metaverse, Silverback City.Silverback City is a metaverse centered on hard assets, such as precious metals and real estate. Own a troop from Silverback City to receive exclusive benefits in Property Holders. 

Own A Troop of Silverback City

Benefits of Owning A Troop of Silverback City

Why Become A VIP Member?

Benefits Of Owning A Troop Of Silverback City

If you mint an NFT Troop of Silverback City you will gain VIP membership to Property Holders and enjoy these unique benefits.

Discounts On Short Term Rentals

Book a stay in any one of our short term rentals at a discount when your are a VIP member.

Whitelist Access for All Properties

Invest in the most popular real estate, by being whitelisted before each NFT sale.

Private Discord for Investing

Gain access to a private Discord only for NFT holders of Silverback City.

Priority Customer Service

Enjoy priority customer service and being the first to know which properties will be listed on Property Holders before anyone else.